Vegetarian Starters

Delhi Chilli Paneer (Dry) M V G

A delicious dish with an Indian adaptation of a Chinese recipe. Battered fried cottage cheese tossed with peppers, onion, chilli and soy sauce

Paneer Tikka Ajwaini (DRY) M V

Cottage cheese in spicy yoghurt and caraway seed marinade

Mixed Vegetable Pakora (DRY) M V G

Karahi fried mixed vegetable pakora

Chatpatey Aaloo (Semi-Dry) M V G

Delhi street delight of spicy potatoes, found at North Indian road side hawkers

Samosa Chaat (Dry) M V G

Absolute favourite, triangular pastry filled with potatoes & spices. Served Indian style with masala chick peas, yogurt and chutney.