Wonderful flavours

Cooking Classes

Become a master of curry making with a cooking class at Namaste Delhi. Whether you go alone or with a friend, one of the restaurant’s top chefs will teach you all about Indian cooking with stories of his own experiences, before giving a demonstration of how to cook rice and naan. After that, you’ll get to put your new knowledge to the test by cooking a starter and two delicious mains like a classic chicken curry and a yellow lentil daal.

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Loads of fun

Cocktail Classes

Shake up your weekend with a cocktail masterclass at Namaste Delhi! You’ll be welcomed with a delicious concoction when you arrive, then their expert Mixologist will tell you all you need to know about creating the perfect cocktails. You’ll put your new knowledge to the test by mixing up two drinks of your own, choosing from classics like a Margarita, Daiquiri or Martini.

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